The importance of the role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in national economic development makes the government and various other parties pay more attention to the existence and development of SMEs. With the presence of SMEs, they certainly help a lot of those who need jobs, from the data we collected, employment through SMEs reaches 97 percent, of course this is an unusually high number compared to other types of businesses. fleshes this out

With this increase, various parties have given more attention to SMEs / MSMEs in Indonesia who are considered as the driving force of the Indonesian economy and must be developed.

To develop SMEs, of course business capital is needed, one of which can be obtained through business loans. For those of you who want to get a business loan, first make sure where you apply for the loan and how the process is. For more details, we will discuss complete tips on getting a business loan for SMEs.


How To Get Business Loans For SMEs?

How To Get Business Loans For SMEs?


Have a clear type of business

Before applying for a business loan, certainly those who provide loans for your business need information related to the business. This means that your business is not newly established, but has been running for at least 12 months actively and has a net profit.

Within 12 months it is useful to see the performance of the business itself, besides that the clarity of the business in question is also usually required to be accompanied by a permit, photo and so on.

Providing a business loan will pose a risk to the lender, so that with your business clarity, it will certainly be more convincing to the lender.


Prepare the Clear Business Report Document

Business Report Document

If you want to apply for a business loan, then you need to prepare the documents needed in your loan application. One of them compiles your business report documents. Make a proposal that is complete, neat and interesting to look at.

The proposal must also contain business information, business mission vision, financial reports and other important information that you can complete.

Still related to risk, one way lenders assess the risk of potential borrowers is by looking at the documents they have, especially financial statements. The completeness of these documents will certainly make sure they give loans to your UKM.


Completing and Collecting Requirement Files

After completing the file, it’s time to collect the required documents so that your loan application process can be processed faster. The requirements file can also be sent or uploaded online, depending on the options / facilities provided by the lender

The required file must usually be:

  1. The business establishment document is a deed of establishment / articles of association if your business is in the form of a PT / CV / Firm. For individual businesses, simply provide KTP.
  2. Simple annual financial statements for at least the past 1 year include income statements. These financial reports can be internal reports or audited reports.
  3. Current account for the past 3 months.
  4. Business License, SIUP, NPWP, Business Domicile Certificate (more).
  5. A copy of the founder ID and the business management team.

After completing the above requirements, don’t forget to re-check again to make sure everything is complete.


Applying for Collateral / Unsecured

Applying for Collateral / Unsecured

These collateral and non-collateral investments will affect the feasibility of the loan and the risks. Generally, if using collateral will certainly minimize the risk of the loan, which also affects the interest rate of the loan. Usually the collateral requested by the Bank is fixed assets (land and buildings). For P2P Lending platforms such as Acceleration, collateral needed is more flexible, for example, such as invoice / PO / SPK / Contract, trade inventory, land, buildings, vehicles, securities and others.


Visit the Site or Download the Acceleration Application to apply for a business loan

If you’ve seen all the tips above, you just have to visit the Acceleration website or download the application and start registering at Best Lenders Credit. Submit your business loan now and start developing your SMEs with Acceleration.

Apply for a business loan for your UKM right now in Best Lenders Credit and enjoy its convenience. The security of applying for a loan at Best Lenders Credit is also guaranteed by being officially registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

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