Benefits of Drinking Tea For Health

There are many health reasons to enjoy a cup of hot tea. The fragrant aroma of tea can release fatigue if taken in time to enjoy the rest after a day of working out. Drinking tea is a great way to relax while benefiting health. Green tea is also known to be very good to support health, including the type of tea that we know today. You can enjoy your tea by using tea infusers.

3. Tea Can Reduce Risk of Heart Attack And Stroke. Blood clots are formed from cholesterol and platelets, this is the cause of heart attacks and strokes. Drinking tea can help keep the arteries smooth and clog-free. A study conducted over 5.6 years in the Netherlands found that people who drink tea at least two to three cups of tea every day are at 70 percent lower risk of a fatal heart attack than people who are not tea drinkers.

4. Tea Protects Your Bones. It’s not just milk that’s useful for building strong bones. A study discovered that a person who drank tea for 10 years or more had strong bones, even after adjusting for age, weight, exercise, Merck, and other risk factors, rather than those open tea drinkers. The authors suggest that this may be due to the abundance of beneficial phytochemicals in tea.

5. Good Tea For Dental And Oral Health. Tea itself actually contains tannins and fluoride that can keep the plaque in the mouth. So drinking unsweetened tea for your daily routine will get clean teeth and healthy gums.

6. Tea Boosts Immune System Drinking tea can help boost the immune system to fight off infections. If you drank five cups of tea or coffee every day for four weeks, it will increase the activity of the immune system in the blood of tea drinkers.

7. Tea Protects Against Cancer. Polyphenols, antioxidants found in tea, are again useful against cancer. There is considerable research showing the potential protective effect of drinking tea, which shows the reason why we should drink tea.