Here are some tips to get the best ring to suit your hands

Jewelry is one of the things a woman should wear. a jewelry will make their appearance more beautiful and attractive. One of the jewelry that is widely used by women is a ring. Now, you can even get a ring with many uses from bath bombs with rings inside. You will be able to get bath bombs with rings inside.

However, if you want to get a more suitable ring with your finger, then you can follow some tips that are below. Some tips are

– Box palms with short fingers
With this hand shape, you can choose round gemstone and rectangle, like princess and emerald. You should also avoid the shape of gems that can make your fingers look shorter. Also avoid thick rings that can also make your fingers look bigger. it would be better to choose the elongated shape of gemstones, such as marquise, pear, and oval because it can give you a long illusion on your fingers.

– Square palm or rectangle with long fingers
Women with long fingers usually match the various forms of gem pieces. However, you must choose the shape of gems marquise and pear is not the best choice for the owner of this hand shape. The owner of this hand shape, usually, look more beautiful if choosing gemstone round, princess, or heart. Also, avoid too thick and thick sizes to keep your fingers from looking too long.

– Oval and short palms with slender fingers
If you have small palms with very slender fingers, avoid large gems because they will make your fingers look too thin. In addition, gem-shaped gems and round also does not match the shape of this hand.