Keep Away the Risk of Hearing Loss Due to Listening to Music

Listening to popular music is usually done to improve one’s mood. However, do not let this benefit turn into a disaster because the volume of music is too loud potentially damaging hearing. Visit our website and get a review of Spotify Family’s offering.

The benefit of listening to music to improve mood comes at least from a study published in a journal of psychology. The study revealed that listening to rhythmic music for two weeks consistently can make a person become happier. Activity listening music can be an effective way to make us happy, especially if accompanied by the intention to be happy.

The usefulness of music positively to man has actually been known for centuries. In addition to improving the mood, music is also used to restore the spirit and help the body get healing naturally. The statement was also supported through the recommendation of an expert and pioneer of integrative and functional medicine. According to the expert, listening to soft rhythmic music can make the body and brain calmer. In addition, listening to this type of music can help slow the heart rate and help ease breathing.

Although potentially provide good benefits for the body and soul, do not carelessly listen to music. In order for the benefits not to be damaged by adverse consequences, you should do this while listening to music.

– Balances the duration and intensity of the sound
If you want to listen to music without the potential to interfere with your hearing, use the 60:60 rule. That is, listen to music no more than 60 minutes per day. In addition, adjust the volume not exceeding 60 percent of the maximum volume.

– Use headphones
We recommend wearing headphones that block outside sounds when listening to music. Using this tool can help someone listen to music with a lower volume, but more comfortable because the noise around us can still be minimized. Although giving rise to comfort, rest your ear from listening to music with the help of headphones on a regular basis.