Latest Variant Range Rover Comes In Diesel Version

Who does not know the great car products that are reliable Land Rover? Yes! This large car manufacturer from England has a specialist 4WD car that has been known for its reliability and quality throughout the world. Already has many cars created with various gasoline engines then Land Rover creates the latest 4WD car with a choice of diesel engines for Range Rover and Range Rover Sports products. For the regular version of HSE Td6 Range Rover and Range Rover Sports HSE Td6 will use a 3,000 cc diesel engine with a turbo V6 configuration mated to 8-speed automatic transition. With the diesel engine is a tough car in all terrain is capable of spraying maximum power reaches 254 Hp with peak torque reaches 596 Nm. Torque size of the rhino is useful for crossing the difficult terrain because it requires an optimal pull. Diesel-fueled fuel runway is claimed to provide power in the lower round is better because the peak torque can only reach on the engine spin at 1750 RPM only. So this car is easy enough to pull, transport or off-road on a difficult terrain. Your turn to try Range Rover with all its luxuries with us in the rent range rover london.

For performance acceleration, Range Rover Sports version diesel engine is able to achieve the time of 7.1 seconds in speed 0-100 km/hour. As for the standard version is only able to print time 7.4 seconds in speed 0-100 km/hour. For fuel consumption, both cars will be similar, which requires 9.35 km/liter for urban street usage, 11.9 km/liter for the freeway and for the road the combination of both reaches 10.6 km/liter. Even this powerful big car has the ability to reduce the sophisticated NOx like a car with other diesel engines. Land Rover states that this new diesel engine technology will be available for all of its car line-ups in the next few years.