This is the difference between Vape and Cigarette Safety Status

Cigarettes have indeed become a polemic that has not stopped until now. In fact, there are many people who avoid using cigarettes. unfortunately, there are still some people who still use it. In fact, there is now a vape that can replace the cigarette. You can choose to turn wax into e liquid so that it doesn’t depend on cigarettes anymore.

There are fundamental differences between tobacco cigarettes and vape that you must know. One of them is from the security status of both.

This is where the debate between the two really heated up. Cigarettes were first banned on airlines, then in government buildings and then in almost every public place. Some countries apply separate rules about cigarettes, but most, some countries make their own regions or locations for smokers.

While vape is slightly more tolerated. Generally, vape users claim that vapor used is not as dangerous as cigarette smoke, but the scientific research behind the claim is inconclusive. People often consider vapor smoke to be the same as cigarette smoke.