Get to know the Cone Tent

Usually, when you have activities in the outdoor, then you will need a tent, especially if the activity is in the form of a promotion or bazaar. You can get a tent for the activity on On the website, you will be able to choose the tent you need and according to your activities.

Cone tents are commonly known as promotional tents, tents used by many companies and organizations to promote their products or services. cone shape on the cone tent is much larger than the Sarnafil tent so that the cone can be used to place promotional logos or slogans.

Cone tents are more flexible with cone diameter sizes, the use of materials can be adjusted with the tent maker. Cone tents can be ordered in various sizes and use of materials so that they can be adjusted to the budget and needs.
In general, the construction and frame of the cone tent are different from Sarnafil tents. Cone tents use the iron material for construction and frame, while the cover material can be adjusted accordingly.