Movie Theater: Ticket and Snack Prices

When it comes to getting information about AMC ticket prices, you may wonder how the movie theater management determines the price of tickets and available snacks there. How do cinema managers determine the price of watch tickets and snacks sold?

– Refers to the survey results, such as surveys of income and purchasing power of people around the cinema area. Ticket prices and snacks in the city center are certainly different from those in a small town.

– Law of supply and demand. If there is a lot of supply, in the sense that there are many cinema choices in an area, the price of watching tickets and snacks can compete between cinema networks. If there is only one cinema choice and there are lots of demands to watch movies on the big screen, it’s no wonder that the prices set tend to be high and seem monopolized. The way to reduce the price is easy: establish a rival network in the area.

Cinema managers as business owners have the right to set rules for people who will use services (watching movies) and buy goods that they offer (snacks). And we as cinema visitors are free to choose to watch a movie in a cinema or in other media, want to watch a movie in a particular cinema network, want to buy food to enjoy while watching, and so on.

Prohibition to bring food/drinks outside the cinema area can be seen from several sides. Usually, this is a step for the cinema manager to prevent the worst possibility as cinema visitors experience food poisoning. If food poisoning occurs in the cinema area, who will be asked to be responsible? Yes, the cinema manager.

However, this responsibility can be prosecuted if food suspected of causing poisoning is indeed food made, can be quality controlled, and sold directly by the cinema manager. If the cinema visitor poisoned the food he brought from outside the cinema area, then this would cause complexity for both the cinema manager and the visitors themselves.