Get Vintage Impressions and Glamor in Photo Booth with Fancy 20’s Theme

A photo certainly covers many of the meanings behind it. Even now many parties present photo booths to make guests happy because there are pictures of them there. Wrong to the vendor of the photo booth that you can use is sewa photobooth jakarta.

One of the many themes used in photo booths is vintage. However, you can also combine the theme with a glamorous theme and become a fancy 20’s theme. For those of you who hold indoor weddings, you can choose this anti-mainstream wedding photo booth idea. The fancy 20’s theme combines classic vintage style and luxurious glamor. Pendant lamps, candle holders, jewelry, red and white flower arrangements, and lace ornaments can be the key to this decoration. You can also add a red sofa that became one of the trends.

This is also a theme that is very different from other themes that are usually used in several photo booths.