It’s The Dangers Of Vehicle Smoke For Your Respiratory System

Using a motor vehicle would be a natural thing in the present. However, know that the smoke that is removed from the vehicle is not good for your own health. So, all you have to do is use an electric scooter as an effort to reduce the smoke of the vehicle and reduce respiratory distress for yourself and others.

Smoke vehicles certainly contain many substances that are harmful to the body and breathing. Because, if you breathe in a long time, it will cause various health problems are very dangerous. The respiratory system is the first and most important part of the impact of exhaust gas exposure. The impact of exposure to vehicle exhaust gas into the respiratory system, including:

Lowering oxygen levels in the body. All inhaled air enters the lung cavity to be distributed throughout the body through the bloodstream. Inhaling the vehicle exhaust gases will be very dangerous because it contains carbon monoxide (CO). Compared with oxygen, CO is more easily bound by red blood cells so CO exposure in a short time can lower the oxygen levels distributed in the blood. Oxygen deficient tissue will be very easy to damage especially the brain, and CO levels also trigger the occurrence of shortness of breath.

Damage to the respiratory tract. Vehicle dust particles are usually black dust removed from the exhaust duct. The dust can also settle in other parts of the vehicle. Long-term vehicle dust exposure can cause interference among others:

– Asthma – not only asthma is triggered by allergies but also inflammation that causes impaired lung function in breathing.

– Lung cancer – irritation and inflammation as well as the accumulation of carcinogenic substances can trigger the development of lung cancer.

With the electric scooter, it will make you reduce the impact of health problems and fuel efficiency. You no longer need to queue up at the gas station to get gasoline because it does not require gasoline to run.