Halloween History and Symbols

The Celts, as the first nation to initiate this celebration, believed that every October 31, the barrier between the world of the dead and the living was open. Many evil spirits will roam and disturb them. These evil spirits threaten to give harm to the citizens. In order to avoid this threat, the Celt people wear creepy costumes and masky na halloween. The goal is, so that “evil spirits” who might come out to hunt humans are their friends. It could be said that they tried to make peace with the evil spirits by looking similar to them.

The Halloween symbol that is used universally is Pumpkin which is shaped like a creepy face. This character is called Jack-o-Lantern. Inside the Jack-o’-lantern, usually, a candle is lit or the lights look more spooky in a dark place. This culture originated in North America which is indeed a pumpkin-producing area. Other symbols of Halloween are scarecrows. Pumpkin is considered a crop and scarecrows are guards.