When you can’t make the perfectly round donuts

When making donuts, the results are not perfectly round? Duh, it turns out there are some mistakes that we still often do. Now, consider the things we do that make the donuts fail perfectly round the following. Meanwhile, if you want to buy some donuts but you don’t want to spend too much money at the same time, just check out the Duck Donuts menu prices. Furthermore, their donuts are very tasty as well.

1. The dough is too soft

Donut dough that is too soft is usually due to too much liquid, eggs or margarine.

But, it must be known, donut dough can not be too smooth.

Only later after being fermented the first time the donut dough becomes more smooth.

Tip: If it feels too soft, add a little flour and knead again.

2. The fermented dough is too long

The dough should not be too long fermented.

The longer it is left to stand, the more the mixture expands and the harder it is to hold when it is moved to the pan.

Tips: The length of fermentation in each house is different, because the temperature of each person’s house is different.

The warmer the temperature, the faster fermentation.

The colder, the fermentation slows down.

So, know the condition of each house to measure the right fermentation time.

3. The hole is too large

The bigger the hole, the donut will be more fragile. So, of course the shape is not perfectly round.

Tip: Can use donut molds sold on the market. If you don’t have one, just use a syringe.

Use the non-jagged tip to base the donut.

4. The dough is not fixed before frying

When transferred to the pan, the dough is very likely to be dented here and there.

The shape must be bad if it is not repaired again.

Tip: Before frying, fix the donut shape first.

When fried, slip the chopsticks into the hole and turn the chopsticks around the hole so that the hole opens and forms neatly.