Choosing Lightweight Steel Roof Frame For Home

As population growth, of course, the human need for housing will also increase. It will gradually affect the environment, especially a large number of trees cut down for the development of houses. Currently, many alternative building materials that are environmentally friendly, such as lightweight steel roof. Lightweight steel roof truss can be one solution to reduce deforestation for home construction purposes. In addition to termite resistant, lightweight steel roof is also more sturdy so it can last longer than using the wood because in general lightweight steel roof is also more robust so it can last longer than using wood. In general, lightweight steel roofs can last for 20 to 30 years with the cost of a more efficient roof repair.

But before you decide to use a lightweight steel roof for your roof construction, it helps you to take note of these things in choosing a lightweight steel roof, such as asking for recommendations from colleagues or colleagues who understand about a good lightweight steel roof manufacturer. Do not forget to choose a manufacturer of lightweight steel roofs that already have a high credibility in the field, it is important considering today many manufacturers of lightweight steel roof, so must be clever to choose. Find information about the thickness of the anti-rust coating used, must be in accordance with the applicable provisions. To choose a lightweight steel roof, you need to know the types of lightweight steel roofs, namely Galvanized. The zinc-coated steel only, the minimal zinc coating concentration for galvanized is 180 g / m2. There is also Galvalume, a steel coated with zinc and aluminum, the minimal coating concentration of zinc an aluminum for galvalume is 150 gr / m2.

Also ask about the software that the manufacturer uses, whether it has a recommendation or certification from a trusted consulting agency and construction agency? It is important for you to inquire about the qualification of the installer, one of the important things in determining the quality of lightweight steel roof truss is good, neat, and fast installation so that the steel roof strength will be maximized directly. Poor fitting will dramatically reduce the strength of lightweight steel roof truss.