How To Promote Business Through Twitter

With over 300 million monthly users, Twitter is becoming a noisy social media. Hundreds of millions of tweets or Twitter are sent every day from users around the world, so do you still have the doubt to choose social media marketing services you can implement through Twitter?


Although it is now less popular than Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is still an influential social media from 2006 until today. Including to do business, Twitter can still be a good medium to promote your product. for those of you who use Twitter, of course, there are tricks to tweet you can attract the attention of netizens. That way, you can use it to promote your online business. How to? Please refer to the reviews below.

1. Complete Twitter Profile

The first thing to do is complete your account profile. Starting from the bio that includes your business information, contact number, location, website or blog URL, profile photo with the brand logo, and your Twitter header image. That way, your business profile looks convincing and people know your business when they click your account.

2. Follow Other People’s Accounts

Especially for new Twitter accounts, you certainly need to collect followers or follower. If your follower is 0, then people will not be interested. An instant way can be by buying follower, but useless just because of passive followers or even robot account. Better, you are looking for followers to start following other people’s account first, because they probably want to follow back your account. Follow your contacts, accounts that are relevant to your business, influencer accounts, to user accounts that your customers are becoming.

3. Notice Word Selection

Twitter’s limits are no longer just 140 characters but are 280 characters. Your tweet can be longer, but keep an eye on the selection of words. Use words that are interesting and easy to understand. Sometimes, sentences do not have to be raw, because the behavior of Twitter users tends to be flexible and use everyday conversations in their tweets.

4. Interactive with Follower

Twitter is an interactive medium. You can relax and easily reply to other people’s tweets. The longer the interaction, it will attract the attention of many people and lure them to get involved. Your Twitter engagement gets even higher. In addition to reply, you can also do retweet or simply provide like.