Follow This Step to Get the Best Quality of Standing Mixer

Mixer is the main tool in making bread. Mixer facilitates performance while saving time because we do not need to spend a lot of energy to stir the cake mixture. Broadly speaking, it is divided into 2 types of mixers, namely hand mixers and mixer stands. But this time we will discuss the stand mixer because this type of mixer has been used by many people. Many cheap stand mixer are sold to reach all levels of society.

Those of you who like to make a cake will often use a mixer stand because they can do other jobs as long as the machine stirs the cake mixture. But to get the best quality mixer stand, you should pay attention to some of these things:

– Engine condition
If you want to try engine reliability, please try using the machine continuously while paying attention to whether there is a change in engine sound or the speed of the shuffle. If the sound starts to change or the shuffling speed slows down, immediately turn off the engine that might be out of its ability. Before starting to try it, pay close attention to the manual use of the machine.

– Security when using it
This needs to be considered especially for prospective buyers who have small children. Maybe we need to pay attention to the switch button on and off for the mixer. If it is too easy to worry, it can become a children’s toy with the risk of being exposed to engine rotation. But if it is too difficult, it will make the shuffle uncomfortable.

– Mixer capacity
The greater the capacity of the mixer, the more favored by the user. Some mixers such as Miyako provide a bowl that is large enough so that it is delicious to be used for shaking cakes in larger quantities. Keep in mind that the mixer capacity is not determined by the size of the mixer bowl, but also by the maximum capacity of the machine.

– Mixer spare parts
Ask also whether the seller provides spare parts from several components that are easily damaged due to long usage and how to get them. For mixers with brands that have been on the market for a long time, we can look for these spare parts in a thrift shop or a repairman who might supply these items.