Your Career Options Determine In Which Country You Will Stay

Today, many people dream of living abroad. This is because of the many assumptions that working and living abroad can add to the money you have. One of the countries that many people aim at while working is the UK. you have to do an English test Trinity selt first to be able to get a visa which is a condition of the country.

There are some institutions you can also choose from abroad and live there. You can choose a career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, becoming a diplomat. Or an international institution such as the WTO, IMF or World Bank.
In addition to the big institutions above, there are also international organizations such as HRW, Oxfam or OSF. This can be an alternative if you want to work in a particular sector.

If you choose to work in the private sector, choose a company that has a mobility program or transfers out to its employees. In this sector there is triumvirate, or often called ‘Golden Triangle’ because of its prestige. These three sectors are: ‘Management Consulting’, ‘Law firm’ and ‘Investment Banking’.