What Facts About Alkaline Water You Need to Know

Do you plan to buy alkaline water purifier? It would be better to also read this article, so you will get more knowledge and information related. One of the alkaline water products, Kangen Water, is being discussed. The claim that such a high pH can have many benefits, is broken by a number of scientific facts. In fact, food and drinks that enter the body will be digested chemically in the stomach. This organ produces HCl or hydrochloric acid, a strong acid with a pH of about 2 and certainly will neutralize alkaline or alkaline properties.

However, some digestive enzymes such as lipase and amylase do not work in an acidic atmosphere. Therefore once it reaches the intestine, the food will be neutralized again by NaHCO3 or sodium bicarbonate which functions as a buffer or buffer. This compound balances acidic and alkaline properties that are too strong. Aside from that, the body also has a mechanism for regulating blood pH called hemodynamics. This mechanism involves a lot of organs, which of course cannot be intervened only with alkaline water.