What You Should Do When Hunting Moose


The excellent hunters usually have a lot of techniques to lure the moose to get closer to their waiting area. By following Top BC Moose Hunts you can gain knowledge about hunting moose is good and true. In addition, you can do the following ways:

– Aroa Doe Estrus. Use a spray doe estrus, spray in several waiting areas. In some cases, there is even a moose that will follow the odor of estrus and unknowingly, the moose approaches where you are waiting.

– The sound of horns clashing at the beginning of the breeding season. The sound of horns that clash together can be used to lure other moose to come closer.

Be patient, the good range of fire ranges from 20-30 yards, do not try to shoot when the distance is too far; the opportunity to target the vital organs would be a little if the distance was too far away and would only make the moose scratched and the moose would run away.

– If using a rifle, make sure the ammunition is fully charged. And what you need to do next is just shoot carefully, not to miss.

– If using a bow and arrow, make sure the arrow is ready to be shot from the bow. Standing position is highly recommended when using a bow because the body will be freer to move.

Aim at the top shoulder, neck or head. This will make the moose die faster than aimed at other parts that will only make the tortured moose first. If your shot is about moose, check the blood. As a good hunter, you should be able to shoot and kill him with just one shot, not by torturing him. To see what part of your shot you can see from the color of the blood.

– Brownish and pink with air bubbles, your shot may be about the heart or lungs. The good news is that you are a good hunter because your prey can die with a single shot.

– Brownish and dark red, your shot may be about the heart. Your moose game may last for a few seconds, but you are still a good hunter because the death process does not last long.