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First asset management company pays a penalty

First asset management company pays a penalty

Meanwhile, the first asset management has been fined by the Financial Market Authority with a fine of 4,800 USD. In three sub-funds, the investment company violated section 80 (1) of the Investment Funds Act. It states that the Management Company may not borrow on the Fund’s assets unless it is time-limited and does not exceed a certain cap (see p. For details).

It seems that the funds have exceeded this credit limit. Because the FMA grants reduction if the defendant has not filed a complaint.

Banking shock Paypal wants to grant more loans and banks are calling for a cut in the negative interest rate (Top Media Extended)

The online payment services increase the limit system for their loans. Most recently, he borrowed German online shops up to 100,000 USD. The European Monetary Union Institute pays 7.5 billion Astro Finance annually. T

The Group employs 2,500 people in both countries, serves client assets totaling $ 100 billion and is active in investment banking and asset management in France and Germany.

Meat import scandal: “There is no fair competition”.

Meat import scandal: "There is no fair competition".

The Styrian chicken steward is appalled at overcoming EU rules on the import of cheap meat. “I was shocked when I read that,” says Markus Lukas. The Vice President of the Central Association of Austrian Poultry Farmers is outraged that the EU is providing loans to large companies among Ukrainian companies. In competition with the states where none of this applies, there is no fair competition, “underlines Lukas.

“In my factory, antibiotics are only used when absolutely necessary, according to the exact specifications and under the supervision of the veterinarian,” says Lukas, who holds 50,000 pieces. This is doping for me. “Luke recognizes a turnaround to the positive.” Sure, the kitchen is fighting for survival, “he says.

However, he recognizes a mistake in his thinking: “When you buy cheap you save 70 cents per kg, but could ask for domestic products 1.50 USD more,” he calculates. The kilogram of chicken costs about three USD, which is equivalent to one kilogram of bread. “I would also prefer to be able to keep my host family with 5000 chickens,” says Lukas.

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