The use of foreign sources of financing is nowadays the basis for the functioning and management of an enterprise. Thanks to them we can plan development and settle current liabilities.

Clear cost calculation and analysis of the direction of development is an important step on the road to profitability and a stable position.

Entrepreneurs in the modern banking market

Entrepreneurs in the modern banking market

Entrepreneurs in the modern banking market have many financial support instruments available. Depending on the chosen goal, we can reach for an investment or working capital loan. So do they differ so how do they use them? Which will be more beneficial for us?

Therefore, the first criterion is always the goal we are aiming at. Speaking of working capital loans, our goal is to finance current business activities, including purchase of goods, materials or settlement of current obligations towards suppliers. Therefore, it is a quick injection of financial liquidity that saves us from payment gridlocks, which weaken the functioning of the enterprise and leads to extreme bankruptcy.

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The implementation of long-term, serious investments

The implementation of long-term, serious investments

The decision on investment loan should, however, come out when we think about the implementation of long-term, serious investments. So it is a large inflow of capital with a long-term repayment period. Mainly used to purchase assets that will drive our development and improve our position against the competition.

It should be noted that while the working capital loan can be taken for any purpose, in the second case we must clearly define what we will use the obtained amount for. Another important difference is the repayment period, which in the case of the current one is much shorter.

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